Debt free and dating, once the kids are in bed, that is.

Dustin and Bethany Riechmann

Today’s featured Spouse Date couple is Dustin & Bethany Riechmann! Dustin has been married for over 13 years to his best friend Bethany, and they are the proud parents to three very energetic kids under the age of nine.  They live in Glen Carbon, Illinois, about 20 minutes east of St. Louis, Missouri.   How did you [...]

Running the Race to Win in Marriage!


Today’s featured Spouse Date couple is Ryan and Cassie Celestain!   Cassie and her husband Ryan live in Tulsa Oklahoma.  They are approaching their third anniversary this year, October 29th to be exact!  Cassie writes about marriage and family at TrueAgape.  This July they welcomed their first child, their precious daughter, into the world! How [...]

Marriage Lessons from the Back of a Harley

Melanie and Lance Fischer

Today’s featured Spouse Date couple is Melanie and Lance Fischer! Melanie and her husband Lance live in northern Alberta Canada and have been married for 18 years.  They have a blended family with three children: a 20 year old daughter (Melanie’s), a 24 year old son (Lance’s) and an 18 year old daughter, recently adopted together.    How [...]

Beaches, Bike Rides and Better Communication

Gaye and Dan Christmus

Today’s featured Spouse Date couple is Gaye and Dan Christmus! Gaye and her husband Dan live with their two sons in central South Carolina, about midway between the ocean and the mountains.  They will celebrate their 29th anniversary in November!  How did you first meet? We lived and worked in the same city (actually, for the same [...]

Grace and Thunder!

Greg and Creasia Rosenburg

This week’s featured Spouse Date couple is Greg and Creasia Rosenburg! Greg and his wife Creasia have been married four years and live in Blue Springs, Missouri.  I literally laughed out loud when I read about the thunder that accompanied their first date.   Greg, how did you and Creasia first meet? We first met [...]