Dr. Manny and Karee Santos

Jules professional couple shot close-up

Every couple has valuable treasure hidden in their relationship. The objective of our Featured Couple interviews is to “mine” and share that treasure with other couples – in order to encourage, inspire and motivate them to become better spouses and build better marriages! Today’s featured Spouse Date couple is Dr. Manny and Karee Santos. Manny […]

Gerald and Michelle


Gerald and Michelle have been married for two years and live in the Washington D.C. metro area. Gerald is in product management in the software industry and Michelle is an interior designer at an architecture firm. They recently started an awesome and exciting small business, Date to Door, out of a need they saw to […]

7 Keys to Keeping Romance Alive

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Keeping romance alive in marriage takes commitment and intention if it is to remain healthy and vibrant. Neglect it and weeds will grow, take root and choke out the goodness of your life together. My hubby and I have been married for 33 years. If votes were to be taken at the onset, we would have […]

Jeremy and Elizabeth


  Today’s Featured Spouse Date couple is a wonderful newlywed couple, Jeremy and Elizabeth! They have been married five months and live in Minnesota. Jeremy is a Mechanical Engineering student and works as a Quality Assurance Representative. Elizabeth recently graduated with an Art Degree and now works as a Personal Banker. How did you first […]

Elliot and Amanda

Elliott and Amanda Bailey

Amanda and Elliot have been married for two years during which time they have navigated 2 businesses, a 4 and a half hour drive, several major personal tragedies and some pretty big personality differences. They are enjoying each other and the sunny weather where they live, down under in Australia. How did you first meet?  […]