Jake and Katie


Jake and Katie have been married for nearly 9 years and currently live in Cleveland Ohio. They recently moved from Redding CA where they met, fell in love, got married and brought 3 wonderful children into the world (2 daughters – 6 & 4 years old, and 1 son – 2 years old).  Jake is […]

Prioritizing Time Spent Together – Make it Sacred!

myrtle 013

EJ and Greg currently live in Texas. Greg is a Marine and EJ is a Nationally Certified Counselor, motivational speaker, writer and advocate for survivors of sexual abuse. EJ uses introspection and pragmatism to help couples create loving, fulfilling relationships from the inside out. You can connect with EJ on Twitter and Facebook.

Respecting One Another’s Perceptions

Rob and Janelle Alex

Drs. Rob and Janelle have been married for 12 years. One year and one week to the day after their first date they said their vows aboard a pirate ship off the coast of Florida with two of their sons. Rob’s son is 19 and Janelle’s son is just a few months younger and will […]

Mission Impossible? Dating your Spouse When You Have Kids

mission impossible

“One alarming fact jumps out from the research about happiness and marriage: marital satisfaction drops substantially after the first child arrives.” ~ Gretchen Rubin Sadly, dating is often one of the first casualties when children come along. This is very unfortunate since dating can be such a great way to improve “marital satisfaction” and reduce […]

Kiss me in the morning…


Jessica and Jacob have been married for five years and currently live in Houston, TX but will be making their way back to Virginia Beach, VA in June. Jacob is a full-time teacher and student. Jessica is a psychologist, sex educator, and sex therapist. She has a passion for seeing marriages thrive and for couples […]