Grace and Thunder!

Greg and Creasia Rosenburg

This week’s featured Spouse Date couple is Greg and Creasia Rosenburg! Greg and his wife Creasia have been married four years and live in Blue Springs, Missouri.  I literally laughed out loud when I read about the thunder that accompanied their first date.   Greg, how did you and Creasia first meet? We first met [...]

Holding it Together and Building it Better

gabriel and denise

Today’s featured Spouse Date couple is Denise and Gabriel Charles! Denise and Gabriel have been married for 29 years and will celebrate their 30th anniversary September 1st this year!  Denise is a certified counselor, trainer, a life and relationship coach and motivational speaker. Denise and Charles live in the Caribbean on the beautiful island of [...]

On the Same Team, Once and For All

Michael and Beth Hoff

Every couple has treasure hidden in their relationship.  Our Spouse Dates Featured Couple interviews are a way of treasure hunting.  The interviews are with regular married couples and are meant to help “mine” some of that treasure and share it with you in order to encourage, inspire and motivate you to become a better spouse and build a better marriage.   [...]

3 Ways to Make Your Dates Memorable


{photo credit} Chrissy and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary yesterday.  We celebrated by getting take out from our favorite Indian restaurant, Jaipur Junction, and taking it to a park for a picnic dinner.  We had been to this park many times before.  We reminisced a bit while we ate.  We have been on many dates [...]

Date Your Mate Month: Daily Date Idea #31

Daily Date Idea # 31   Think long.   Take a long road trip together. Give your spouse a long kiss. How long? Shoot for at least 10 seconds. Repeat as desired. Invest in your marriage for the long term by attending a local marriage event, seminar, conference or retreat.     What do you [...]