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The fun begins in:
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Are you interested in more fun times with your spouse? 
How about...
  • Improving your communication? 
  • Deepening your intimacy? 
  • Strengthening your commitment? 
  • Lessening your stress? 
Regularly dating your spouse can help with each and every one of these things. It can also help stir up more of those "falling in love" feelings you had when you were newly married.

Can you imagine still being head over heels in love with your spouse on your 75th wedding anniversary? 

Let me tell you about Lionel and Ellen Buxton who were recently recognized as one of England's oldest couples.

When Lionel celebrated his 100th birthday Ellen was also 100 years old. Having met 82 years earlier they had now been married for over 75 years and were still head over heels in love with each other.

When asked what the key to their happy marriage was Lionel had a very instructive answer.

Lionel shared, "We have been married happily because we have been good friends as well as husband and wife. We have always made sure we have had nice evenings out together whether it is going for a romantic meal or out to play bingo.”  

The key really is no secret. 

They kept their friendship strong and kept dating each other!
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Does dating really influence the quality of a couple's relationship?

Social scientists, W. Bradford Wilcox and Jeffrey Dew, found strong evidence that it does. They conducted an extensive review of social science literature in order to assess how date nights influence the quality of couple’s relationships. They shared their findings in a report written for the National Marriage Project called The Date Night Opportunity.

 What they found is that regular dating provides five specific benefits to married couples.

{ Benefit # 1 }

Better Communication

Dating is a way to prevent the “two ships passing in the night” syndrome. It can give you opportunities to talk without distraction. Conversations can happen when you are on a date that would not happen otherwise.

{ Benefit # 2 }

More Fun

Dating is an opportunity to do new things together. In marriage there is the danger of becoming too familiar with each other. Dating is a way to break out of the familiar and do the unusual. Step out of your routines and enjoy each other’s company doing something you have never done before.

{ Benefit # 3 }

Less Stress

Dating your spouse does not mean you have less stress in your life. Making dates happen can actually be stressful. But on the flip side, regularly going out on dates together helps to reduce stress. It gives couples the chance to extend emotional support to each other, especially during times of trial. Dating can become a buffer and provide an escape from the pressing concerns of regular life. 

{ Benefit # 4 }

Greater Commitment

Commitment is like a muscle that gets stronger with use. Dating takes commitment. It means that you have overcome obstacles, such as setting up child care, or making the time, or spending the money. When you make dates happen you are showing your spouse and others that you are committed to him or her, and to your relationship. 

{ Benefit # 5 }

More Romance

Feelings of romance are fleeting. A fire that is not fed or tended will soon die. So it is with the sense of passion between two people. Dating keeps the fires of desire alive and growing. It is a way to both feed the fire and fan the flame of romance. 

The "scientific" evidence is clear. Dating your mate has benefits! But wait, there is more...
I asked various marriage experts, marriage counselors, marriage ministers and marriage bloggers this question: “Why do you think it is important for married couples to keep dating?”
Here is what they had to say:

Perhaps one of the most important things a married couple can do to ensure that their relationship thrives is to date. Continued dating, even if it’s economical, still helps the couple feel like they matter to each other. 

Dr. Karen Sherman ‏
Author, Psychologist
No matter if it’s a quick coffee at Starbucks or an evening extravaganza take the time to nurture your marriage by taking the lead and planning a date for you and your spouse.
Toney and Alisa DiLorenzo
Marriage Coaches,
#1 Marriage podcast

Every marriage needs quality time and communication, the best connecting can be done while having fun together! Your kids are watching! 

Alan Meyers
Marriage Minister,
Lifegiving Marriage

Successful marriages require constant and continuous effort and care. Dating helps make working on your marriage a little bit more fun!

Rachel Thomasian
Marriage and Family Therapist

Dating keeps married couples engaged with the narrative that brought them together & upholds that being a couple is a priority. Also, it's fun! 

Lucy Rimalower
Marriage and Family Therapist

In nature and in life, when something stops growing, it begins to die. Same with marriage. Dating helps keep things fresh and alive.

Marianne Clyde
Marriage and Family Therapist
Continuing to date once you’re married may be the most important thing a couple can do to maintain their love and protect their relationship. 
Leslie Doares
Marriage Consultant, Coach and Author
I think it’s critical for married couples to continue to date.  It keeps things fun and exciting, and helps prevent boredom, fatigue and irritability.
Gaye Christmus
Blogger at Calm.Healthy.Sexy

Dating is like the kindling that keeps the fires of passion growing and going strong in the relationship. 

Beth Steffaniak
Life Coach, Counselor